"The Finellis" Wins Awards in New York and Cannes

"The Finellis" Wins Awards in New York and Cannes

The Finellis is my life's work. After a 100-production stage career of over 30 years, and after filming over 90 national- and international film, tv, and commercial projects, I have dedicated myself to bringing the story of Tony and the rest of the Finelli family to the world.

What a joy to see that the unique qualities of this timeless "underdog" story (SitCom + Live Music + Animation) are being rewarded with prizes before it has ever been broadcast.  "The Finellis" won 1st runner-up in the category of "Best Television Series" at the 2019 Mediterranean Film Festival in Cannes.  I am also extremely proud to announce that at the 2019 NYC TV Festival "The Finellis" was the winner of two major prizes -- Best TV Series and Best Director for our wonderful director, Joris Hermans

I am so proud of this show, our cast and crew and I cannot wait until "The Finellis" will be able to be screened all over the world.

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