Mark Janicello

Mark Janicello

As the second of three brothers, he learned how to take his licks... but also learned how to dish them out.  Born in New York, he made his first solo appearance as a boy soprano at four years old. Whether acting, painting or singing, Mark Janicello excels in every discipline in the Worlds of Art and Entertainment.  His talents shine as brightly as the many facets of his incomparable personality.

In his amazing and eventful career, he first conquered both the New York Subways and the New York audiences as a street singer winning "America’s Best Street Performer 1992". His $15.000, prize-winning appearance in New York's Grand Central Station featured multiple  musical  and  vocal  styles  and   was based on the idea: "What if Elvis never died but just turned into Pavarotti?"  

He then made the leap to established theaters and concert halls performing in Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall and the Zürich Opera House, among many, many others. Since 1984 he has performed Mark leading roles in over 23 Musicals, 30 Operas, 12 Plays and 6 Films.  Additionally, he has recorded 37 CDs and appeared innumerable times on television all over the world. With "Elvis:A Musical Biography" Mark Janicello made a name for himself in Europe.

In 2018, Mark will start filming Season One of his new SitCom "The Finellis".

Mark Janicello's life has been eventful enough to be turned into it's own television mini-series or musical.  Since moving to Europe, the American Entertainer has had engagements throughout BeNeLux, Switzerland, Scandanavia, Austria and Italy (the home of his ancestors)  and he now calls Berlin, Germany home.

Mark Janicello, a paragon of optimism, is a sensitive, positive man who always found his greatest strength in the moments of his greatest challenges:

"Regardless of how high the price I had to pay for my decisions, I do not regret a single one of them. Even though I've spent more than 40 years of my life in the performing arts and have realized most of my childhood dreams, I still have the feeling that I am just at the beginning".

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