“Zombie Heart” from Episode 2 - “Dinnertime Disaster”

Tony is still in love with his ex-wife Tina.  In this Episode, he sings about his feelings for his Ex, and his frustration that he can’t seem to “move on.”  This song is called “Zombie Heart.”

"Bitter" -  from Episode  9 -  "Coffee, Tea or Me"

Tony finds out that his ex-wife Tina has had a boyfriend for the last 6 months.  He is devastated and brokenhearted.  All this time, he had hoped for a reconciliation with Tina.  Now his hopes are dashed and he sings this song “Bitter.”

“Everybody Loves You” - from Episode 5 - "Barbie’s Dreamhouse Record Company"

Tony and Jürgen have been offered a record deal with Schäffer Records, a small, independent label run by a very direct, very aggressive lady, Sybille Schäffer.  Sybille is married to a multi-millionaire and has a record label as a “hobby.”  Sybille has invited Tony to join her for dinner… but actually, Tony thinks she want to have him as  “dessert.”  Tony nervously sings “Everybody Loves You” riding in back of a the Limousine that Sybille has sent to pick him up to bring him to their dinner appointment.

"Shop’s Closed" -  from Episode 5 - "Barbie’s Dreamhouse Record Company"

Tony, Jürgen and Tony’s children, Lola and Lena have launched a plan to get rid of Sybille.  Tony is recording “Shop’s Closed” in the recording studio as Jürgen and his daughters are working on getting rid of Sybille.

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